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If your Toyota vehicle didn't have coolant or antifreeze, your engine would be at risk of trouble when weather conditions get extreme. That's because these essential fluids help to keep your engine running at the right temperature, no matter how hot or cold it gets out.

How the coolant or antifreeze do that is simple. The fluid starts in your radiator, and is directed to the engine and back via a network of hoses. By removing built-up heat, coolant keeps your engine from running too hot and shutting down. The hot coolant returns to the radiator and gets dispersed harmlessly into the atmosphere. Antifreeze keeps the moving parts lubricated in cold temperatures, keeping them from locking up in place.

How to Spot Coolant Issues

Eventually, though, even the best coolant can get too murky to flow right. Or perhaps the hoses have sprung a leak. Either way, you'll want to fix the problem sooner rather than later. Signs of trouble include:

  • The syrupy sweet scent of coolant in the air
  • You notice large pools of yellow, green, or red liquid under your vehicle
  • Your engine temperature gauge rises rapidly
  • The dash warning light comes on
  • You notice discoloration or rust on the radiator

Genuine OEM Coolant Is Best for Your Toyota

If it turns out that you just need to flush your old coolant and add new, make sure that you choose the best for your vehicle. That means choosing authentic Toyota coolant, since it’s made specifically to work with your model's radiator and engine. Our online auto parts center has yours in stock and ready to ship, so buy now!

Antifreeze Coolant
MSRP $16.15
Part Number: 00272-LLCBK-01
Antifreeze Coolant
MSRP $188.46
Part Number: 00272-1LLAC
Replaces: 00272-1LLAC-LX
Antifreeze Coolant
MSRP $96.88
Part Number: 00272-LLCBK
Engine Coolant / Antifreeze
MSRP $31.41
Part Number: 00272-1LLAC-01
Other Names: Antifreeze Gallon W More Names
Replaces: 00272-1LLAC-LX01
MSRP $37.34
Part Number: 00272-12611-CL
Zerex G48 Coolant
MSRP $34.77
Part Number: 00289-VZG48
Bmw Antifreeze 1 Gal
MSRP $24.75
Part Number: 82141-46770-4
Cover Alternator Sp
MSRP $32.81
Part Number: 27281-51010
Ring Space
MSRP $10.20
Part Number: 27212-39050
Cover Alternator Sp
MSRP $15.17
Part Number: 27281-18010

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