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Want to get the most horsepower (and therefore the sportiest ride) you can out of your Toyota TRD vehicle? Better yet, want to do it with relative fuel efficiency? Install a genuine OEM supercharger.

What is a Supercharger?

It's basically an air compressor, powered mechanically using a belt, shaft, or chain driven by an engine's crankshaft, that increases the pressure or density of air pulled into the engine. Superchargers enable forcing what is essentially more or better-quality air into the engine, allowing it to burn more for more energy. The result for your Toyota TRD model: an acceleration boost, and one delivered almost instantly.

There are two types of superchargers:

  • Positive displacement, which come in two subtypes: internal and external compression, and which deliver a nearly constant pressure increase at any engine speed (rpm)
  • Dynamic, which come in two subtypes: centrifugal and multi-stage axial-flow, and which increase pressure exponentially above a certain speed threshold

Which Supercharger is Best for My Vehicle?

For a TRD model, genuine Toyota. The superchargers your brand makes for its performance cars, trucks, and SUVs naturally fit them best. Our auto parts store has plenty to choose from. Check out our catalog and order now, and we'll deliver what your upgrade project calls for, right to your address.

TRD Supercharger Drive Belt - 5.7L V-8
MSRP $39.79
Part Number: PTR30-34070
Other Names: Supercharger Overhaul Kit More Names
Description: Supercharger, Service Parts, 5.7L V-8 Engine, Supercharger, Drive Belt (8-Rib). More Info
Notes: Supercharger, Drive Belt (8-Rib). More Notes
TRD Supercharger Hoist Mounting Bracket
MSRP $35.50
Part Number: PTR25-34070
Other Names: Supercharger Bracket More Names
Description: To aid in installation of the 5.7L V8 supercharger, TRD had developed a hoist mounting bracket that bolts directly onto the supercharger... More Info
TRD Supercharger Fuel Damper - 1.8L & 4.7L
MSRP $134.15
Part Number: PTR26-02042
Description: PARTS More Info

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