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When it comes to keeping the engine in your Toyota TRD vehicle running as well as it can, you shouldn't settle for just any air filter. After all, whether you drive a car, truck, or SUV, it's designed by Toyota Racing Development, your brand's in-house tuning shop -- in other words, built for performance. So, only a performance air filter will do. That's where Toyota TRD air filters come in.

They're made to capture harmful airborne contaminants while allowing as much air as possible to move through your engine. Better yet, they're designed to do it without affecting mass airflow sensor calibration. How do they work? Using a washable, reusable oiled cotton medium specially pleated to catch as much dust and debris as possible. Plus, TRD filters are durable: their pleats are metal-reinforced and molded in.

Their benefits? An engine power bump and slightly improved fuel economy. Of course, if your performance vehicle didn't have one, those pollutants would accumulate in and around your engine, wearing out its parts double quick. The best way to keep that from happening is to change your air filter regularly, and, more importantly for you, put in a TRD engine filter. It's usually recommended you take care of it every 12,000 to 15,000 miles or so.

What Are the Signs It's Time to Change an Engine Air Filter?

They include:

  • A lit Check Engine light on your dash
  • Dirty or worn-out filter fibers
  • Weird engine noises
  • Excessive exhaust/sudden emissions increases
  • Worsening fuel efficiency
  • A stressed or misfiring engine
  • If you see any of these symptoms, it's likely time for replacement.

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    TRD Performance Air Filter
    MSRP $59.75
    Part Number: PTR03-34140
    Other Names: Trd Performance Air Filter More Names
    Description: Designed to work with the factory ECU and emissions system Features a reusable TRD high-flow air filter Dyno-tested to deliver an... More Info
    • Toyota:
      • Sequoia,
      • Tacoma,
      • Tundra
    TRD Performance Air Filter
    MSRP $69.00
    Part Number: PTR03-1C161
    Other Names: Trd Performance Air Filter More Names
    Description: This is a TRD Filter part for the C-HR. . More Info
    • Toyota:
      • 86,
      • C-HR,
      • Corolla,
      • Corolla Cross
    FR-S TRD High Performance Air Filter
    MSRP $107.20
    Part Number: PTR03-18132
    Description: PARTS More Info
    TRD Air Filter Housing Assembly
    MSRP $76.14
    Part Number: PTR03-52087
    Description: PARTS More Info
    TRD Air Filter Lid Assembly
    MSRP $59.25
    Part Number: PTR03-52088
    Description: PARTS More Info
    TRD Conical Air Filter: 2.25 ID
    MSRP $57.21
    Part Number: PTR03-52076
    Description: PARTS More Info
    TRD Conical Air Filter: 2.5 ID
    MSRP $65.34
    Part Number: PTR03-21074
    Description: PARTS More Info

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